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Questions Parents Most Frequently Ask

Below are the top six frequently asked questions that I receive about teaching sign language to your hearing child or children.


1) Will teaching my child sign language delay his/her speech development?

 NO! This is a common misconception. In fact all the research supports that it does the complete opposite and enhances your child's speech & language development. Research by Marilyn Daniels has also shown that children who sign, speak earlier and have larger vocabularies than those children who don't sign! To read some of her research see - Daniels, M. (1994). The Effects of Sign Language on Hearing Children's Language Development. Communication Education, October, v43 n4, p291(8).


2) How old should my baby be when I begin to sign with her?

 This depends on you and your child. Hearing Impaired parents start signing to their children from birth. Hearing parents however usually start around  6 - 7 months because they get faster results. Below are some ways you can tell if your baby is ready to sign...


    When baby shows an obvious interest in an object.

    If he is playing the game "Where Is  mummy daddy etc ?" and looking for the person or thing.

    He or she is already making gestures like Head Nodding "Yes"  Head Shaking "No"

    He or she point to body parts correctly or can copy actions like "train" etc


3) My Children are toddlers. Is it too late to start signing with them?

 No! Not at all. It is never too late.  As you can see by the photos here the children I have taught vary in ages as some parents like to teach all of their children.  whether they are 5 months or 5 years


4) How long does it take for my baby begin to sign?

Well every child has their own agenda and it is hard to say.  I have seen some children start signing within days and others can take up to 2months to realise that these funny movements mean something.


5) Do youteach Auslan(Australian Sign Language) signs  ?

 YES! I use Auslan key signs. I do not advise making up signs (Home signs). Because people outside your home and immediate family won't understand those signs . On the other hand Auslan signs are widely used and recognized.


6) Sounds great, how do I get started?

 Getting started is easy! Just  email me at  toni@interpretthis.net  to find out how to organise your own workshop.

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