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        Baby to Toddler Sign  Workshops.




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                                  Signbubs (Beginners)    

This  course consists of a 1 hour workshop on a particular day each week for 6 weeks.                    In each workshop you will learn 15 formal signs  and at the end of the 6 weeks you will have         learnt  90 formal and many other incidental  signs.  (Mealtime Signs, Bedtime Signs,                      Dressing Signs, First Signs, Animal Signs, Playtime Signs)                                                              There will also be songs and activities to do, so you can teach your little one.                                  The classes are interactive and fun.                                                                                                A chat room has recently been set up for mums and other interested people to share thoughts.     (Click the link below to join)


Click here to join signbubs
Click to join signbubs


                    Signbubs (Intermediate)  (Still under development)

This  course expands on the topics learnt in the beginner workshops and will include Colour Signs, Alphabet Signs, Number Signs, Emotion Signs, and will follow the same format as the Beginners workshops.                                                                                                                                The workshops are interactive and fun.                                                                                           A chat room has recently been set up for mums and other interested people to share thoughts.      (Click the link above to join)


                   Signbubs (Your way)

If you require a different format to that described above please contact me to work out details to our mutual satisfaction.


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